Saturday, 23 April 2011

MV Organic Skincare - The Cleansing Method

Australian brand MV Organic Skincare was created by facialist and skincare expert Sharon McGlinchey who, after years of treating clients with sensitive and reactive skin, began researching the toxic effects of cosmetics in the mid 90's.

Her concern about these effects was one of the main factors in her decision to create her own line, as well as her love for and belief in pure, unadulterated, organic ingredients. Her philosophy is that the "routine" of cleansing should be a "ritual", which is both enjoyable and beneficial. The cornerstones of her brand are Quality and Concentration, which translates as using fewer ingredients but in higher concentrations to minimise the possibility of reactions and maximise efficacy.

She has since gained a cult following the world over, her products are endorsed by celebrities and beauty professionals, she remains a highly sought after facialist and her cleansing method is featured in the newly published "Anti-Ageing Bible" by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey.

Having been an avid user of the "cream cleanser and hot muslin cloth" method for a number of years, I'm always keen to learn, shall we say, new "tricks", and Sharon's method has most definitely taught me some! Now, before I continue, yes, these products come under the umbrella of Luxury and, therefore, are priced as such. However, bear in mind that not only are they premium products made with premium ingredients, they are also multi-functional, and her skincare method encourages the use of a smaller quantity of a smaller number of products, therefore proving to be more cost effective in the long run. Fans and beauty editors claim that the longer you use these products for, the better your skin looks and the less make-up you need: sounds good to me!

The big question I hear you asking is, do they work? well, yes they do, and I'm not just saying that: within a week of performing this cleansing routine my skin feels and looks smoother and clearer. What I also love about it is that you can tailor it to your needs, depending on how your skin feels or how much time you have, you can perform a "quick" cleanse or a "mini facial". Flexibility is a big bonus for me given that my skincare needs vary from one week to another depending on the weather, hormones, diet.....

The MV Organic Skincare cleansing method consists of 2 products: a Cream Cleanser and a Cleansing Oil which come in 70 or 120 ml tubes with a pump. These are made of 97% recyclable aluminium which are lined with a food-grade inert resin on the inside and a clear lacquer on the outside, meaning that at no point are you or the product in direct contact with the aluminium. This makes them light, non-breakable and protects the products from sunlight.
The Gentle Cream Cleanser is made with a base of Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerine and Vitamin E, with essential oils of Rose, Chamomile and Mandarin. It has a lusciously thick, creamy consistency with Mandarin as the overriding yet subtle scent. I particularly like this as I’m a huge fan of anything citrusy!  

Start by filling the sink with hot water, then place 3-4 pumps of the cream cleanser in the palm of your hand. This will remove what I consider to be a “normal” day’s worth of grime and make-up: foundation, blusher and mascara. As with the cleansing routine described in Yummy Cleansers- part 1, you apply the cleanser to dry skin, gently massaging into the entire face and eye area for up to one minute. You can also dampen the tips of your fingers to emulsify it slightly as you massage.
If you happen to be wearing more eye make-up than normal you can precede the cream cleanser with a fabulously fast trick Sharon taught me: take 2 cotton wool discs, dampen them in water (the same you have filled the sink with), and wring out well, they should be barely damp, not dripping wet. Put a couple of drops of Jojoba Oil on each, hold over your eyes for about 10 seconds, then wipe away! Jojoba oil is not only a wonderful make-up remover, it’s a brilliant moisturiser as it’s the one natural oil that most closely resembles our skin’s sebum. Always make sure you use cold-pressed and preferably organic Jojoba oil.

After massaging the cleanser, take your damp, hot muslin cloth (or flannel if you prefer) and hold it over your face, like a compress, as you count to 5. Breathe deeply as the steam activates the essential oils. Rinse and repeat twice, then wipe away the cleanser, which will take away all the dirt with it. Believe me, your skin will look and feel clean, refreshed, soft and hydrated.
Now, at this point, if you are really, really tired you can apply your usual night cream/face oil and go to bed OR you can continue with the second part of this wonderful routine:

The Energizing 9 Oil Cleanser is the “Crème de la Crème” of cleansing oils: it’s a powerful blend of all organic, cold-pressed Sweet Almond, Avocado and Centella infused oils, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract with essential oils of Lavender, Bitter Orange, Geranium, Sandalwood, Rosewood and Carrot Seed. It's a beautiful shade of green which reminds me of Italian olive oil, is light in texture and delicately scented; I wouldn't say any one of the essential oils is particularly imposing, it just smells like it's good for you, know what I mean? Now, this is not the kind of cleansing oil you apply to dry skin to remove make-up, it’s a treatment oil that you apply after the cream cleanser,  3 to 4 times per week. It not only nourishes and plumps up your skin, it brightens it when dull or tired and is an amazing balancer for those oily or acne prone.
After removing the cream cleanser, with the skin still damp, apply 1-2 pumps of oil to the palm of your hand, rub together to warm and then gently massage into your face and eye area concentrating on any areas of congestion. After 1 minute, take your hot cloth and hold over your face, again, like a compress, as you breathe in and count to 10, allowing the heat to open your pores and the essential oils to work their magic. This step is especially important as the effect of the heat will help your skin absorb the oils, to cleanse, oxygenate and regenerate the underlying skin tissue. Rinse cloth and repeat twice. At this stage you can either leave any remaining oil on your face, as an overnight treatment (which would be preferential) or remove any excess with the hot cloth and follow with your usual night cream. Leaving the oil on overnight allows your skin to truly benefit from the treatment, especially as you sleep. I usually do this a few hours before going to bed and carry on massaging it into my skin until fully absorbed.

After testing various products recently, my skin rebelled somewhat and I suddenly woke up with a lot of redness and irritation, especially round the nose and cheeks. I spent one entire weekend without wearing any make-up and performed this routine 3 nights in a row: It rebalanced and calmed my skin down completely.

Try it, your skin will look and feel AMAZING, I promise you!

Gentle Cream Cleanser RRP £29 for 70ml or £46 for 120ml
Energizing 9-Oil Cleanser RRP £52 for 70ml
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  1. I have just ordered the MV Organics Cleanser, Rose Mist, Muslin Cloth and Moisturizer. I am super excited to start using them as I have heard so much positive feedback. Just a quick question, do you wash your muslin cloths in the washing machine after each use?

    By the way, loving your blog. I discovered it today and have read it from start to finish it one hit. I couldn't stop reading!!

  2. So glad!!!! you will love it!!! the moisturiser ia amazing also, like sticking your head into a bunch of fresh roses :)
    the muslin cloth is FABULOUS, once you use a 4 ply muslin cloth, you will never go back.....and yes, I machine wash all of mine after about 4 uses, depends on how much make up has been used. I also tumble dried mine but it did shrink a bit, so, in this case, I would say, let it dry naturally! enjoy!