Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Balance Me Skincare

Balance Me sprung to fame when sisters Rebecca and Clare created Super Oil from their kitchen table, which was followed by Body Washes, Lotions and a brilliant Scrub making it one of the best known brands in the world of natural skincare. They have since created a line of facial products which continue to deliver on their promise of luxurious yet affordable skincare without the use of synthetic ingredients, mineral oil, silicones or parabens.
Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm £20
If you like oil based cleansing balms then you're in for a treat: a base of Sweet Almond Oil has been blended with Mango Seed and Shea Butters, oatmeal and a host of essential oils to create a blissfully gentle yet effective cleanser that melts into the skin removing all traces of make up including mascara. It smells amazing thanks to May Chang, a zesty flower which I have only come across in one other cleanser before and I wish more brands would use! The oatmeal gives it texture rather than exfoliating properties so it's no problem to use it round the eye area. It comes in a squeezy tube making it great for travel and you only need a small amount so a tube should last you at least 2-3 months. I love using this before getting into a hot shower, it leaves the skin ultra soft. For me, this is their star product!
Balancing Face Moisturiser £24
This is my 2nd favourite product in the range: a lovely, light lotion which really hydrates and softens the skin without a hint of greasiness. It's fantastic as a day cream and ideal for use under make up or in hot weather (this will be a great summer moisturiser). Smells slightly of Lemongrass, one of my faves!
Moisture-Rich Face Cream £24
This would make a great day cream for those with normal to dry skins as well as a night cream for those with normal to oily skins. I have been using it under make up in the cold weather but prefer this at night or for use at weekends when I'm not wearing any foundation. It has a lovely creamy texture and a delicate scent. 
Wonder Eye Cream £14 for 10ml
This is a very light cream thanks to Glycerin and Witch Hazel which help combat puffiness. It makes a perfect eye cream for day as it sinks in well and doesn't leave a trace making it also ideal for contact lens wearers. Suitable as a night eye cream for those with very young or oily skin.
Radiance Face Oil £15 for 10ml roller ball (pictured)
I tested the roller ball which allows you to apply to specific points on your face making it a great starting point for those just beginning to use oils. It also comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper which I personally prefer as I like to warm the oil in between my hands before massaging in.  A blend of Sweet Almond, Grape Seed, Kukui Nut, Jojoba, Rosehip, Moringa and Camellia give this a silky texture with a slightly "warm" fragrance. It contains essential oils of Chamomile, Yarrow and Rosemary, none of which are overpowering. It's light, sinks in well, and has a slightly "serum-y" finish, so it's perfect if you don't like the feeling of oiliness on your skin.
All in all, I really like the range, the packaging is good and everything is reasonably priced, especially given the standard of the ingredients. I would definitely purchase the cleanser and recommend you try some samples of the creams. For more details click here


  1. I love Balance Me body washes, they smell lovely and leave me squeaky clean! However I recently got a sample of the facial oil, I tried it for about five nights but I broke out in spots so I don't think it was right for my skin type. Its scared me off their other face products too unfortunately.

  2. Was the face oil the only "different" product you applied over those 5 days?
    And have you used oils on your face before?

  3. thanks for sharing! i'd love to try to smooth face balm and see how that compares to Suti's cleanser.

  4. Hi Erika, it's "different", BM is more fluid, smells citrusy, Suti is a little bit richer I'd say, but both are fabulous!