Monday, 13 February 2012

Beauty Items of the Week

Trilogy Gentle Moisturising Shampoo RRP £12
This SLS free shampoo gently cleanses dry/coloured hair leaving it soft but not heavy, without irritating the scalp. It's very delicately scented and contains a host of nourishing oils including rosehip, coconut and avocado. Absolutely Lovely. 
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MV Organic Skincare Daily Soother $86
From the fabulous MV Organic Skincare range comes this oil based skin booster which can be added to your usual moisturiser or, as I prefer, massaged into damp skin after cleansing and spritzing with MV's Rose Hydrating Mist. A high concentration of organic, cold pressed Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Carrot, Rosehip and Calendula oils are blended with essential oils to soothe, nourish and protect sensitive, inflamed or dry skins. Blissful. 
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Living Nature Concealer £14
This is a wonderful concealer: it's very creamy yet highly pigmented, so you really only need to use a little plus it doesn't show up in skin's creases! It's unscented and comes in a tiny tube making it easy to use and super portable. Contains Jojoba and Macadamia Nut oils as well as their trademark Manuka Honey. One of the best I've tried. 
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Vapour Organic Beauty, Siren Lipstick £18
From one of my favourite make up brands comes this fantastic lipstick. I don't usually like lipstick as I find it's always too dry and over pigmented. Siren is creamy and soft without being greasy or shiny, and delivers the exact strength of colour you see. On top of this you get great packaging and all natural, organic ingredients. I'm hooked. 
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Lavera Glossy Lips £9.90
If you're more of a lip gloss girl then this from Lavera is brilliant, it's soft and shimmery without a hint of stickiness or grease, it also doesn't give you any nasty surprises as the colour looks exactly as it does in the tube.  For more details click here

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